Parent Participation Organization

2020-2021 PPO AT A GLANCE

Chairperson: Kimberly Mastine

Secretary/Treasurer: Catherine Plourde

 Social Media Manager : Geneviève Manseau

Your PPO is organizing a Family Pizza Night on Wednesday February 24th. Please tell all your friends and families! Proceeds from this activity will go towards future school activities, books and crafts. Please click on the following links to get a copy of the order form to print out and send in to school. You can also e-mail  to place your order before Friday February 12th. Thank you for supporting our fundraiser and enjoy your pizza! 

Click here to support St. Francis Elementary School Library .

Hey friends, we’re using Indigo to raise money for St. Francis Elementary School Library. Please show your support by making a donation or shopping online which will earn cash towards our fundraiser.



MABEL’S LABELS:     You can order personalized labels year-round!

Go to the following website:


 Find St. Francis Elementary School (Richmond) in the dropdown


 Go to “Click here to buy” and start shopping!

PPO Letter handout with more information: Mabel’s Labels Marketing 2016