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ETSB Home Learning Ideas

We are pleased to provide you with some resources to use with
your children, on a voluntary basis, during the closure of
schools throughout the province. While we recommend reading
in both languages and talking about what you read as a primary
activity, the educational activities proposed on this website are
intended to stimulate learning that can be completed with the family as a whole.

Ministry of Education Resources
The Education Minister Jean-Francois Roberge has recognized that families may wish to participate in activities, whether academic, social or physical, to help improve student knowledge and skills in many areas. The following platform was designed in a playful spirit to provide a variety of resources to allow them to learn in a voluntary, independent and fun way. It offers varied resources giving access to activities of different natures in several subjects and at all school levels. New content will be added each week. These activities are not compulsory and cannot be evaluated.


Epic is an online library we encouraged students to use this school year in Cycle 3, however, it is free to make an account. You can instantly access books, learning videos, quizzes & more.


IXL is an online math program that students in grades 3-6 have been using this school year. Please email your child’s teacher for his/her login information.

This site allows you to manipulate visuals from shapes, number lines, geoboards, fraction models, and so much more!! You can explore the site and be creative.


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Suggested Apps

App List for Math

If the site requires a login and password, please contact your child’s teacher.  They will tell you if your child has an account.